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Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council

Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council regularly apply for grant funding to undertake improvements to existing facilities within Kowanyama.

Bestruct assists by providing expert construction advice for grant applications. When grant applications are successful we commence design with required consultants, undertake client reviews at the required frequency and get the documentation ready for building approval. We provide tender documentation, run an open tender in accordance with their procurement procedure and attend the tender opening. We utilize provided documents to prepare the contract for the successful contractor. This agreement includes monthly trips to Kowanyama to review active construction sites and complete project management from Cairns for all other times.

Bestruct’s engagement with KASC has included Kowanyama Airport, Workshop Compound Upgrade, Contractors Camp Upgrade, Women’s Meeting Place, Family Bistro / Blue Cafe Renovations, Staff Houses for 27 Kowanyama Street. Bestruct remains a preferred supplier to assist KASC for construction project management as required.

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